Erie District 12 Service Committee


District RepresentativeLori F

Alternate District Representative: Tom L

Secretary: Patty G

Treasurer: Bill B



Public Outreach: Karen M

Literature Depot: Marge B

Newcomers Meeting: Chrisi V.

Archives: Terry P

Schedules: Bev T.

Website: Leslee H.

Alateen: Jane F



Spring Conference: chair – Glenn L., co-chair – Ken T.

Weekend of Sharingchair- Christal R., co-chair – OPEN

Cambridge Springs Women’s Prison Meeting Contact:  Marge B


Group Representatives

Serenity BoundGlenn L

Easy Does It: Andy V. (contact)

Steps and Traditions: Laura N (contact)

First Things First: Paula B

Serenity Two Days: Chris L

Let It Begin With MeKathy C

Courage To ChangeChristal R

New MorningBev T

Wednesday Night Winners : Jane F

Eastside ReadersMarge B

New Attitudes: Chris W

Presque Isle: Joe B

Think Thursday: Chrissi V.

Open Mind: Lois L

Thank God It’s Friday: Lou Ann T


Al-Anon Groups in the District sign up to chair the Newcomers Meeting for 6 week slots.  Click on the document to see the schedule for 2016:  2017 NEWCOMERS MEETING SCHEDULE MASTER