closed discussion meeting (CD) is limited to members and prospective members. These are persons who are or have been affected by a family member or friend’s drinking. A closed meeting gives those attending greater freedom to share their experience, strength and hope.

An open discussion meeting (OD) is open to members and prospective members as well as anyone interested in the family disease of alcoholism, even if they are not contemplating membership.

Note: If you have a relative or friend with a drinking problem, you may attend any Al-Anon meeting.  Only open discussion meetings (OD) welcome students, professionals, etc.

The HA in our schedule means the meeting is handicap accessible.

Adults are not permitted at any Alateen meeting unless they are a certified Al-Anon Member in Alateen Service or a qualified Alateen group sponsor.

D12 Meeting list: D12 Meeting schedule 2018 July revised